How Proteus Nutrition WHEY Protein Helped Me Get In Shape

How Proteus Nutrition WHEY Protein Helped Me Get In Shape

Posted on July 19 2020

How Proteus Nutrition WHEY Protein Helped Me Get In Shape

Read how Benoit got into amazing shape with the help of Proteus Nutrition WHEY Protein.

Lose fat with WHEY Protein powder 

Has Proteus Nutrition WHEY Protein helped you get in shape and stay in shape?

I started taking Proteus Nutrition WHEY almost on day 1 when I started working out. As I was not having any breakfast, I started having Proteus shakes every morning so as to have enough energy for the gym. Having burned this first shake, I usually get a second one after the workout. It is giving the energy to go beyond my limits, to recover fast and build my muscles, and I've got very lean too.

Does Proteus Nutrition Whey protein help you stay on your diet?

Each Proteus shake is low in calories. It is therefore easy to include them in your daily routine. For me it is now the breakfast and replacing the snacks (chocolate bars, I must confessed) in the afternoon.  Having a protein shake instead of a chocolate bar has made me lose fat easily.

Why did you start using Proteus Nutrition Whey Protein?

When I started trying to get in shape my personal trainer was always asking me to eat more protein and start the day with a breakfast. I am not a big meat eater, so I asked him for alternatives.

Which is your favourite flavour?

I try not to eat much chocolate candies so the Chocolate Lava Cake flavor is just amazing for my sweet tooth, and is definitely my favorite! I also really enjoy Vanilla Ice Cream. You can even mix both!

It's not only good for my diet but it tastes really delightful - trust me as a French gourmet :)

How do you mix your protein?

I will usually mix my protein with milk in the morning, water for the after workout or for a snack. Ideally I will make it with ice in a blender when home or just shake it.  I blend the Vanilla Ice Cream protein with some red berries on top to make a delicious healthy smoothie.